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Because our philosophy is to seek out beauty and nobility, we have chosen to work with the indigenous women of Panama who are the owners of a fabulous "savoir faire".

The masks and the Hosig Di baskets are made in the rainforest. The women work freely with Ethic & Tropic. There are no limits on their creativity; our requirement is only for the best quality, handmade using authentic natural materials and dyes.
They don't travel, I personally go from town to town and always buy the entire production that I have ordered in the towns with whom I work.
This work represents an opportunity for the communities. This traditional, valuable work brings them the opportunity to stay in their own original remote areas, far from the cities.

With textile handicrafts we collaborate with a social enterprise in Panama City called Chispas de Amor. Sales of these textiles contribute to improving the living conditions of indigenous women in the poorest regions of the country. Partly thanks to an agreement that we signed together in 2015, a sewing workshop was built for the benefit of women of the Rio Chico Community in the forest of Darien. Molas are always made by Kuna women, drawing from their oldest traditions.

We pre-fund our textile orders up to 70% of the total amount and provide workers with everything they need to produce the molas, right down to the  last needle.

The products we offer are all fairtrade made by indigenous people from Panama:

  • We value culture and local know-how.
  • We empower artisan women and their families to stay in their original areas.
  • We collaborate with a social enterprise in Panama.
  • We favour long-term business relationships.
  • We pre-fund the production, if necessary.
  • We guarantee transparent production methods and traceable origins for all our products.
  • We set up the shortest path between the producer and the final customer.

 Ethic & Tropic offers products with soul. Several weeks, months or even up to a year of artistic work is needed to create these products.

ETHIC & TROPIC is a fusion of the deep magic, natural joy, colour and enchantment from the myths and legends of the indigenous peoples of Panama. Our PRODUCTS will make you feel all the beauty, joy and enchantment of Kuna' s songs and Embera' s dances.

We create and import authentic arts and crafts from Panama, decorative works and high-end fashion accessories. We design fashion accesories inspired by Panama's artisan tradition and made by the indigenous women. We work ethically and collaborate with a social business.

Our clients include interior designers from all over the world looking for exceptional products, concept stores, fashion and accessory shops, art galleries, antique dealers and collectors.